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You Are Perfection

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Lord, I look out into the vastness of the heavens and I see the grandeur of Your infinite power, yet You look at me from heaven and see someone You know, love, and care about. Thank You that You find value in me.

As I ran around chasing my grandchildren in the back yard in a game of “Tag” where Nanna is always it, my heart delighted in their laughter and their calls of “get me Nanna, get me”. As I continued to chase each one, catching them, engulfing them into my arms for hugs and kisses (like kissing a wiggly fish), my heart burst with complete unconditional love for each one of them. Falling to the ground from running my marathon, they quickly bounced on top of me, burying me in squeals of laughter and love.

Suddenly, it was as if all stood still and everyone and everything became completely silent. As I laid there, my heavenly Father’s presence fell, illuminating all around me. As I looked to the children, each one was stretched across me, as if in a deep sleep. As I continued looking at them, my heavenly Father instructed me to “feel” the love in my heart for each one of them. As I did so, I thought for sure I would explode into a million pieces. My love for them is so great that it cannot, it was impossible to be contained within the size of my heart.

My Father then guided me to again, look at them, one at a time.

As I looked at my granddaughter, tears filled my eyes. For within my hearts love, she is the absolute image of my heart’s desire. She is beautifully and uniquely made, and the presence of my Father shines brightly through her like the sun. With limitless love and purity, she dances before God, worshipping Him. She basks in His glory, delighting in His presence. Her mere presence captivates my every thought, totally consuming me.

Then, after a while, I looked at her older brother, my one grandson, (who is an identical twin). The presence of his tenderness and compassion not only surrounds me but penetrates deeply within my heart and I openly weep. I see the greatness of his love for others and the freedom that encases his spirit. I sense how delicately he was created by the hands of my Father and given as a gift to treasure. I see my Fathers love sparkle through my grandson’s eyes and hear the love of His heart, in my grandson’s laughter. The innocence of his love toward God is endless.

God then directs me to see my other grandson, his twin brother. As I sit up to see him, mountains of great strength rise and surround him. I see a heart of great empathy and endurance, filled with insight that can only come from our heavenly Father. His heart is tender, as is his spirit. His equivaling acceptance of others comes from the heart of God. I am overcome emotionally by the strength that illuminates from him, for I know God has a purpose for its presence.

As I laid back down on the grass, I know that my love for them is limitless. I recognize that my Father feels the same way toward us, His children, as do I toward my grandchildren, only more so, for He is God.

I understand that each one of us is a unique design, an original blueprint. That there is non-other duplicated like you or me-even if one is a twin. That God created each one of us with intense thought, passion and purpose.

Like clay in the potter’s hand’s, our heavenly Father molded and remolded exactly how each one of us was to be from the dimpled smile, to freckles, to our intelligence, our desires and strengths. To every laugh that breaks forth from our lips, to every tear that is shed.

That none of us are defined by the opinions of others or by our talents. Not by the clothes we wear or the things we have done. Nor by our achievements or our mistakes! Neither by our relationships or by the place we worship.

YOU and ME, we are the final, completed, perfect, unbelievable product of our heavenly Fathers’ love, His creativity. Each of us are individual precious gifts, that He made for Himself-because He loves us, and He needs and wants us! You are valued and you matter!

Allow yourself to be exactly how and who God created you to be. Secure yourself in your identity in Him-not from this world or what others think or try to convince you to be according to their thoughts and perceptions. Bring forth those dreams God molded in your heart at the beginning of your creation, before you were born. Know your strengths, hopes and your future in Him-not mankind. Nobody can take that away from you unless you allow them to.

Understand that there are no mistakes, only perfection within His creations. Understand that there is only one in this entire world who can define each one of us 100% accurately and that’s Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Won’t you find out who you are in the eyes of your creator, your heavenly Father? Won’t you look upon the heart of God and hear what He says about you? About how much He loves you and desires to be part of your life. Dig deeper into His Word. Reflect upon the desires of your heart and take them to Him. He is such a loving Father, a loving creator who only wants the greatest things possible for you-HIS CHILD!

Come home where you belong, He’s waiting for you, just as you are -perfect!


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