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About The Book

The Gentlest Whisper


In the “Gentlest Whisper”, Cynthia Sisson, together with the Holy Spirit, leads us on a spiritual journey of heavenly visions, dreams and visitations, that impart the heart of the Father toward us.


 This revelatory journey opens a gateway into the Holy of Holies, the heart of God, where its about knowing Him, and coming into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. Of becoming “in Him’, through obedience and knowledge spoken here and within heavenly realms.


With the tangibility of words being breathed on by the Spirit of God, this book draws our hearts into a desire to be taught by Him, to be quiet with Him, to be intimate with Him, so that we too can hear  The Gentlest Whisper. 


Cynthia Sisson is one who has been journeying as a Seer, gifted with a healing anointing since early childhood. She is the founder of His Mercy and Grace Ministries, which is distinctly marked by the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. She is one whose heart is completely captivated by Jesus. Cynthia lives in Brandon, Manitoba with her husband Keith. They have two sons, Matthew (Kristyn)  and Jordan ( Katelyn), and currently FIVE grandchildren, which are her hearts delight.


Ruth Brugger, Friend, Cities Church, Brandon Manitoba

"As I read The Gentlest Whisper, not only did I experience the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, I felt the tangibility of the words being breathed on by the Spirit of God within Cynthia's sharing of her personal journeys of visions and heavenly encounters."

Keith Miners, Catch the Fire, 

Nova Scotia

"The detailed descriptions make it feel like we are there with you in the experience. Personally, it challenges the depth of the reality of our living relationship with Jesus. The Message of The Gentlest Whisper encourages us to press into our personal relationship with Jesus to much more. I loved it!"

Len Smith, Retired Pastor Bethel Christian Assembly, Brandon

Within each page, through her sharing of visions and heavenly encounters, Cynthia opens a gateway, inspiring each reader to step into their own personal encounter with Christ. Through her descriptive writing, she transparently shares her life experiences as one who functions within the gift of prophecy with a seer's anointing."

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