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About Me


Cynthia lives in Manitoba Canada, with her husband Keith.  They have two sons, Matthew (Kristyn) and Jordan (Katelyn) and she currently is Nana to FIVE grandchildren which are her hearts delight. 

From a noticeably young age, Cynthia has been journeying as a Seer with a healing anointing. Where her relationship with Christ has always been one of child-like faith, humility, and passion. Where hearing God’s voice, experiencing heavenly visions, healings, dreams, and holy visitations, as far back as she can recall, is who she is.  It was within that season, for years, that the Lord sheltered her within the shadow of His wings. Keeping that part of her relationship with Him, under the protecting power of God, where she was nurtured and taught within His presence. Recently God revealed to her that her time of hiddenness in Him, was to be uncovered. That she was to continue her journey in Him, by sharing with others, her seasons of hiddenness. 


Within her first book. “The Gentlest Whisper”, Cynthia leads us on a revelatory journey opening a gateway into the Holy of Holies, the heart of God, where its about knowing Him, and coming into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. Of becoming “in Him”, through obedience and knowledge spoken here and within heavenly realms. 

With the tangibility of words being breathed on by the Spirit of God, Cynthia prays that this book will awaken you to new revelatory experiences, that will draw you desiring to be taught by Him, to be quiet with Him, to be intimate with Him, so that you too, can hear The Gentlest Whisper.

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