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Cease Not

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Pray without ceasing! What is Apostle Paul trying to teach us about prayer? Does it mean praying twenty-four-seven, non-stop. Continually, always and forever!

What does it mean?

I believe it is about developing a lifestyle of prayer that is continuous throughout the day. Spontaneous prayer, that keeps us continually connected to our Creator, our heavenly Father. Conversational prayer making our requests known to Him, desiring to glorify Him, seeking His guidance, His direction, His protection. It is keeping the lines of communication open within your vulnerabilities, your hopes, your needs, your worship and praise. It is about praying throughout your day, at various times, in intervals, recurring prayer, repeatedly and often. It is offering our thoughts to God saying I am here, help me, guide me, let me praise and worship you. Father I need you. I want you, hear my voice Lord.

It is about praying your way through the day with God close at your side-hearing every word spoken out loud or laid upon within your heart-even though He already knows! It is learning to pray in and through all circumstances, extending, offering all that you are and have to Him. Prayer is about God, the presence of God, the nearness of God. Its about learning to trust in Him, while we listen. Prayer is about stepping into the presence, the very heart of God, saying Father, it is I, your child. It is an extension of love- two ways.

I believe Apostle Paul in Romans and Thessalonians was unveiling the revelation that we were not made to fly solo. That as children of God, within each one of us is a spirit of dependence that should permeate all we do. That this engrained dependence, incorporated uniquely within our DNA, created within the heart and by the hands of God, is the very essence, the spirit of prayer. Just as a child relies on their earthly parent to provide, care, and nurture them, God has instilled within each one of us from our creation, an engraved dependence on HIM. A relationship with Him, a knowing of Him. So, for me, unceasing prayer is in essence, my continual dependence on God. My desire to forever be in communication with Him, to forever being in His presence, growing deeper with Him.


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