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Who God Says You Are!


“You are chosen…John 15:16.”

“You are unique… Psalm 139:13.”

“You are loved…Jeremiah 31:3.”

“You are precious…1 Corinthians 6:20.”

“You are protected…Psalm 121:13.”

“You are forgiven…Psalm 103:12.”

“You are family…Ephesians 2:19.”

Boldly, I shout upon the mountain tops that I am unique, precious, strong, loved, chosen, protected, forgiven, empowered, a new creation, a child of God! Because according to the Word of my heavenly Father, God’s Word, that is what He says about me, about who I am. That is what He says about us, as He looks upon you, upon me, with a Father’s heart, with love in His eyes. How amazing, unfathomable, that God-the Creator of all living things, ALL THINGS-thinks of us in this way! That He loves us beyond measure and gave His most precious gift, His Son for us. To die upon the cross for us. To carry our sins for us, so that we may live eternally with Him.

Oh, how GREAT is our God!

Believing with all that I am, and knowing this is what God says about me, that this is what God has done for me, why do I at times challenge Him so? Why do I question His Word? Why is it when I am walking through a shadow of life, allow doubt and fear to overcome me. Allow depression to attack me, loneliness to surround me, and uncertainty to who I truly am, blanket me? Why? Do I not believe what my heavenly Father and His Word says about me? Absolutely not-for I do believe! So how, why do I weaken outwardly within my journey in Him and yet victoriously shout from within my heart that I am precious, a child of God. That my God reigns!

In those moments, those times when I am struggling, with doubt, with wavering uncertainty in my identity, I call upon my heavenly Father to rescue me from myself. To not only wrap me within His arms of love, but to teach me. To reveal to me my lack of understanding and growth that allows His enemy, my enemy to come against me so.

I know within the Written Word of my heavenly Father, He clearly reveals that the enemy of all who love Christ, calling Him Lord, are the enemy’s target. That our enemy’s focus is to kill, steal and destroy anything, everything and anyone that is of God. So, in these times, when I am under attack, I need to remind myself that the lies of my enemy, desperately trying to penetrate my heart and mind are not true. They are vicious untruths. Venom spewed from the mouth of my enemy.

Within these moments, within my relationship, my journey in Christ, I need to remind myself that it is a daily process of learning, of healing, of growing in Him. That it is going to be challenging and victorious. That no matter what arrows my enemy directs at me, I need to boldly stand upon the mountain tops and shout that I am precious, unique, loved, cherished and desired by God.

That, I am His child and forever shall be.

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