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Open Invitation.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I feel like an old soul who has lived a thousand lifetimes. I enjoy the comfort, the security, the knowing of my home, my husband, our cat. I am not partial to too much sudden change and my heart is as soft as a large marshmallow. I am old fashioned in many ways. I am quick to grieve and love others. Compassion grows within my heart, a gift given to me, by God.

I like antique furniture that shares volumes of history, of others lives, of the ongoing of life. And Christian music, old and new, that truly releases one’s desire for God. I am brought to tears when I watch movies of undeniable happiness or of sorrow and loss. I feel like I fluctuate like a ribbon blowing in the wind with my emotional openness.

I tear up at weddings, as lifelong commitments are made before God, and I cry at the death of a loved one. And joyfully celebrate at the announcement of new life created within the palms of God’s hands. Such miraculous beauty overcomes me, where words are inexpressible while my tears of happiness say everything.

In childhood, distrust was my captor, with fear its’ companion. The only thing I knew to be true, to be trusted, was the presence of God with His arms wrapped around me. Within a life that looked like a puzzle thrown against the wind. He gave me strength, endurance, and wisdom to rise above the arrows of my enemy. Instilling within me that I am His child, not my

enemies. It is within His love, His promises, His forever’s, I dwell.

Within all the trials of this world, within my own sins, God has shown me a love that cannot truly be expressed. Where undeniable love and acceptance, truly is the foundation. Where life and happiness and forever exists within Him, for all to receive. Where God teaches us to be who we are, in Him.

God is not looking for or wanting perfection. He is looking for sincerity, humility, an earnest heart that wants Him. Wants Him to be Lord over their life. Their friend, their companion, their teacher, their brother. He wants to be all.

So, if you are like me, come. If you are not like me, come. If you are not sure whether you believe in Him, come. If you angry at Him, come. If your hungry and thirsty, lost and alone, come. If you have all the world has to offer, come. If you are hurting and wounded or afraid and uncertain, come. If your sins are weighing you down, come. Just come, this very moment, just exactly as you are. Jesus wants you, the real you. Nothing grandiose, no prerequisites just you. He already knows everything about you and everything you have done. He still wants you to come. Come to Him and allow Him to show you the love He has in His heart for you. After all, He created you, you are His Child-He just wants you to come home. Remember nobody’s perfect, only God. So come, it is an open invitation. Allow Him to show you who you truly are in His eyes and not the eyes of the world.

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