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My Rehab

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Every time I hear that beautiful song “The God Who Sees”, tears rise from within as I am taken back to a time in my life where God introduced me to my Rehab. She was so stunningly beautiful, so eloquent, that she drew the attention of all she passed. Her laughter was infectious, and her eyes twinkled. But within all that beauty, one of many things I will forever remember her for, was her kindness toward me. She was giving, caring, patient, a faithful friend.

A mentor-one to whom I could trust, always. She showed me what it was to be valued. Not because of what or who I was, or what I could or could not do, it was just because I was me! She placed no expectations on our friendship, not one. She became throughout the years one who hid me when I needed shelter against my enemy. She was reliable, certain, a constant friend. Within my times of solitude with her, ( which I didn’t realize till now) my Rehab was constantly teaching me, consistently showing me what Paul in Galatians talked about concerning the Fruits of the Spirit-love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Her continual expressions of acceptance and guidance throughout the years, showed me what Christ meant when He says come to me, just as you are.

I was and will be forever grateful that Christ placed her within my life. Throughout our journey together, she taught me that what lay before me, at each moment of every day, whether perceived as good or bad, were mere segments within my journey that I needed to experience. That they were teachings, meant for personal growth, acquired strength and new knowledge. It always seemed as though she was preparing me. God surely had sent an angel my way. One that not only faithfully kept me from harm, but continually, unconditionally taught me in ways that could have only been guided by His hand. Molding me like clay, into who I am today.

Over time I learnt that she had suffered so, and the sufferings of her wounds ached deeply within her. Where years of listening to the lies of the enemy taunting her, reminding her of her unworthiness, caused her to believe multiple untruths, scarring her heart. But the truth was,throughout our years together, in our times together, she came to realize that God never

accused her. He never rejected her. Not once did He raise a voice of judgement against her.

Rather, He called upon her to further His kingdom. She was set before me as an example,

showing me within her own actions, the heart of my heavenly Father.

It was not until recently did I realize that not only had God placed an unusual individual within my life, but perhaps I too was placed in her life to help her heal. To help her see that God does love all His children no matter what they have done or to what has been done to them. Perhaps my presence helped extinguish some of the lies the enemy wounded her with. Perhaps God used me to fulfill a void, one perhaps we both unknowingly shared.

Perhaps my unconditional love for her that grew over time between the two of us, allowed her to see that regardless what the past contained, she was loved, needed, wanted-not for what she could do, just because she was herself. Maybe in a way I was in a sense her Rehab. Maybe God placed me within her life at a time that she needed to be hidden and protected.

Either way, through the grace of God and His divine order, two strangers so far apart in age, were brought together. Two very unlikely people that in the natural world, would have never

become kin, based on an unusual relationship.

The day she died; my world changed. My mentor, my friend, had gone home, and I remained. She left a legacy of knowledge within me that I never would have learned anywhere else. She taught me to love, and to be loved. To accept others from my heart and not from the heart of others. To be compassionate, to have confidence, to stand boldly before this world and to forever remember whose child I truly am-God’s.

My Rehab’s original name, called at birth was Grace.

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