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I Am His

When all is not right within my world, I know I need to go before my heavenly Father. I know I need to seek counsel and refuge. I need comfort, familiarity, stability, direction, and correction. I need my Father. For it is in times such as these when I am out of step, off balance and unsure-I am vulnerable. Why? I do not know. Perhaps I believed my ways of doing something was more efficient than my Fathers or perhaps I did not hear Him correctly. Or perhaps I am just weary and worn. It does not really matter. What does matter is that I within my spirit recognize I need HIM. That within all of life’s doing, it is only Him, God my Father who can pick me up, dust me off and stand me straight. It is only His complete unconditional love that does not need a “why”. There is no reprimand nor judgement, just the loving open arms of Christ, that continually, forever welcome me in.

Within His embrace my tears are dried as He listens to me with such infinite compassion. The strength of His arms reminds me but once again, He has me no matter how many times I fall. That He will forever be there to pick me up if I call upon Him. His fragrance, His presence, renews all within me and my world that is not right. With laughter He holds my hand and together like the good Father He is, not once does He mention the errors of my ways.

When He looks upon me, I know that I am loved greater than all the stars in the heavens and the blades of grass upon the land. It is as though there is only the two of us, as if no one or anything else exists. How precious are these times, for I know I can count on Him and He too knows my hearts love for Him. The delight in His eyes as He gazes upon me, reminds me that I am HIS daughter. I am not what the world says I am. I am not the thoughts and memories my enemy taunts me with. I am not the hurts of my past or the victim at the hands of those who tried to destroy me. I am HIS!

It is here with renewed mind and refreshed in spirit, that my Father waits for me. Waits for me as He holds my suit of armour, to again be put on. For not only am I His child, I am but one of many, I am Christs’ Warrior! As He dresses me for battle, I KNOW that I am loved. I KNOW that I am not alone. I KNOW that with Christ by my side, behind me and before me-everything is possible!

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