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His Infinite Presence

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command,

so that what is seen was not made, out of what was visible.”

Hebrews 11:3 KJV

On my way to work the other morning, I heard my heavenly Father tell me to stop driving. So, I pulled along side the inner-city grounds, where many trees and large opened grassed areas stretched out before me, and I waited. What I was waiting for I did not know. But I knew why-my Heavenly Father had asked me to! As I looked about my surroundings, I was amazed at all the different colours and their shades. The greens, the browns, the tans, the soft auburns, all of them, throughout this inner-city wooded area. Some of the colors were deeply rich, while others appeared faintly fresh, as if just placed upon a canvas. I gazed upon the vibrant colours of the sun, as it began to peek through the community of trees limbs, extending its presence to be known. And marvelled at the different shapes of the trees while engaging in silent communication with my heavenly Father. Truly God constructed this moment.

Suddenly, the trees appeared to shift. To vibrate quickly, yet as if in slow motion. Then, each trees structure began to change, in size, shape, and colour. As I continued watching, it appeared as if the trees bark were been exfoliated. With each tree covering being replaced with a train like robe, an encasement of colours and textures so breathtaking, that words are indescribable. As I watched this transformation, each tree emanated with impeccable joy, with life. Reflecting and evincing God’s glory from within. As the fragrance of Christs’ presence permeated throughout the air, all within me silenced. As I called out to God, seeking knowledge, wisdom beyond my own understanding.

As His presence enveloped me, everything stopped. The trees stilled, the colours ceased illuminating, no birds sang, no breath filled within my lungs. For I was in that very moment, residing within the heart of my heavenly Father. Within the quietness of His heart, God revealed to me in wordless expression to

look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen.”

That all that is seen here within this world is transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

He reminded me of the story of His servant Elisha and how God had allowed him to see the unseen. How by faith - through the eyes of faith - because he knew God - because he was close to God and because he knew that God was forever present, he was awakened to seeing the unseen. He was given the ability to see in the spirit, within the army of warring angels, the promises of God. That He will never leave us, nor forsake us. That He will forever protect us, His children in all circumstances. That no weapon formed against us, shall prosper.

Within His presence, He reminded me that, like the trees, although I am in this world, I am not part of this world. That, my eyes of faith in Him alone, the eyes of my heart, have allowed me a glimpse of His eternal glory that surrounds us all. Then, within His heart, He revealed to me His dwelling place, Mount Zion, the holy dwelling of the Lord Most High. Its beauty was incomprehensibly breathtaking.

Not only did I feel God’s beauty, His power, His love- but for the very first time I saw His infinite presence. I had been given a vision of unearthly glory.

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