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Choose To Love God

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

If you have been walking with God for any length of time at all, I’m sure that you have discovered that the Christian life is kind of like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. There is one thing however that will make your journey, less “downs” and more up’s, and it’s this: Make a conscience heartfelt declaration that you are going to love God more than anyone and everything and vocalize this every day at least a dozen times. When we do this and mean it, our desire will soon be to trust and obey Him as well. No one will fully trust another individual that does not have it in their heart to love. And if they will not fully trust them, they most assuredly won’t consistently obey them.

When He is first and foremost in your heart and trials come along concerning someone or something dear to you, the devil will not be able to use it, to turn you against God. When God is first in your life and the enemy drops negative thoughts in your mind, YOU can say to the devil with confidence, like Jesus did, “Get out of here devil, for it is written”. For you stand within the authority of Christ, for you are His child and He is YOUR all loving, protective Heavenly Father.

Make a choice today that you are going to love God. Be obedient to Him, spend time talking and walking with Him, reading His Word and then speak it out daily and soon you will be walking out a victory packed Christian life! You will be wrapped in the arms of Christ, for you now have a close meaningful relationship with Him. Is it always going to be easy, smooth sailing and comfortable-ABSOUTELY NOT! Is your relationship with Him worth it-IT ABSOLUTELY IS! For only through HIM can we have life and have life abundantly full of love, promises, laughter, trials and challenges. But we do not do it alone. He is forever with us. Guiding, directing and teaching us because He loves us. He is a good, good Father who desires the very best for each one of us, His children.


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