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Know Your Goliath

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Who is your Goliath? What is your giant? What is the thing that inhibits you from stepping into your destiny, your promised land in Christ?

What tactics is the enemy of darkness taunting you or threatening you with, that is keeping you from growing into what God has called you to be? To what God created you to be! Who or what is our adversary using to keep you shackled to his deceptive, destructive patterns of defeat?

Whether you are seasoned in your walk with the Lord or one who has just found Christ, it is imperative to review and know your Goliath’s. This is not a simple task for it takes great discipline, endurance and a deep faith in our Father.

Nowhere in the bible is it written that because you believe and follow our Lord Jesus Christ, will life and life circumstances be easy, laid back and relaxing. That, because you are now a child of “The King”, perfection and ease paves the journey you embark upon when you called out to Him, reuniting yourself with Christs family. In fact, most times it is the exact opposite!

The prince of darkness now has you at the center of his attention and he and his army are working overtime to bring you down. To destroy you and to defeat your walk, your life, with the Lord. You are on his radar and as any enemy, his purpose is to annihilate you by any means possible. He will use your family, your workplace, your health, your finances, your weaknesses, your desires, your church family the list goes on. Your enemy knows no boundaries and doesn’t care to.

Knowing that, keep in mind that the enemy reviews our personal profiles, devouring all the personal information he can about you. He is looking for your giants, your Goliaths from the past, before you came to Christ. He is seeking to know the weaknesses you had, your vulnerabilities before you called out to God. With full intentions of using each one of them, reigniting each one of them, in any way he can to cause you to believe his lies and deceptions so that you will return to him.

The enemy does not like defeat. He does not like to be classified in any category that does not cause him to be number one! By your reaching out to God, by your faith, you have categorized the enemy, calling him into a spiritual battle. So, the enemy does what he knows best. He is a predator of knowing mankind’s history of heart and mind, which becomes for him his arrows against you in battle. He has called forth and dug up your giants!

Whether in the past you have battled with depression, low self-esteem, worthlessness, adultery, addictions, whatever it may be, be assured the enemy will remind you of your giants daily. With the sole purpose of destroying your faith and your decision to follow Christ. He will prey on your vulnerabilities and enter your mind with thoughts, seeking to cause confusion, uncertainty and lack of direction. He will utilize every one of your goliaths, whether it be from within or through other people and situations, to shake your foundation in Christ. He will press on continually until he believes he has found that “one” giant/goliath within your life that will break you. He is merciless and he doesn’t care what he must do or who he must use in your life to defeat you and your decision for Jesus Christ.

Know your Goliaths! Ask God for wisdom, understanding and knowledge so you can stand against your enemy, defending yourself with Christ at your side. God requires of us to be knowledgeable in His Word. He requires of us to surround ourselves with those of like mind. In other words, with those who love the Lord with all their heart and walk with Him daily. Those who are seeking out the will of God, yearning to please His heart and to be obedient to an all loving, caring, heavenly Father. He requires that we be disciplined in our faith, in our love for Him. He says if we are obedient to what He is patiently teaching us, if we listen to the words that come from His heart, then we will be equipped to slay old and new giants that come against us, with His help.

We must be committed to our decision to follow Christ and we must be disciplined within our journey in Him. We must remain strong and hold onto our faith and believe what God says in His word is true…

…the truth shall set you free. (John 8:32)

That there is freedom in truth and when you walk with God all those old habits and behaviors and thoughts are no more. No matter what the enemy says or tries to make you believe. The lies of deception that the enemy will try and attack you with are nothing more than dust blowing in the wind. Your enemy hasn’t got a leg to stand on and he knows it. Do you! He will cause thoughts and feelings of uncertainty and he will obstruct your vision of others, fermenting words of doubt and fear to rise deep within you. Don’t be fooled by the enemies ruthless, ridiculous tactics of raising your old giants before you.

In the Book of Luke, God says, ask for help and I will help you. Seek my face and you will find me. In the Book of Matthew, God says, call unto me and I will open the door the moment you knock. God’s promise to you is you shall never be alone, you never are alone, for He is there always. Even when you come face to face with your Goliath-God is there! Your faith in Him allows Him to give you the strength and knowledge you need toward understanding who you are now, in comparison to who you were before Christ. That you are now HIS child and HE is your FATHER!

He will instruct you in His Word; He will call out to you with unconditional love. He will stand at your side in battle, confronting your Goliath’s with you as you stand in His armor of Truth, in your faith, taking back what the enemy has so hard fought for and lost.

Know your Goliath’s-your giants! If you know them, it makes it that much harder for the enemy to deceive you, using them against you in battle.

Grab your bible! It is the most powerful weapon that Christ has ever given us. Every word within it is infallible, which means true-truthful-INCAPABLE OF MAKING MISTAKES OR BEING WRONG!

PRAY-CALL OUT to God… let Him know you cannot make it without Him but that you can stand strong with Him at your side.

After all, if God can be for you, who stands a chance against you! (Romans 8:31)


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