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It Is Time

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

It always seems to be about time. Time for this, time for that. Time to be here, time to be there. Time for school, time for work.

Time is the one thing each of us say we have the least of. Yet, we so frivolously cast time aside as if it were in abundance. Time that cannot be retrieved. In a fleeting moment, time slips away, evoking a sense of the transience of life for each of us. A transcendence of what was, replaced and refreshed merely by the continuum of time.

In the Book of Ecclesiastes, it clearly states that all things are destined according to the will of God in His timing. That there is a time to be born, to laugh, to worship, to struggle and a time to cry. In Genesis, God alone ordained everything, birthed from His perfection. He meticulously planned, defined and created the world and mankind within six days. (Genesis 1: 1-31) Then on the seventh day He rested. Proclaiming this specific day, to be one, acknowledged as holy.

Knowing this, I wonder why then, as children of God, do we not follow the example set forth before us by our Father! Why do we allow the ticking of time to determine our destiny, our purpose, our journey? Our relationship with Him? When our heavenly Father clearly has stated in His Word, that the seventh day is one to be acknowledged as Holy. That through this proclamation of His Word there are straight forward, non-confusing guidelines that He wishes us to follow regarding this specific day and its time. Rules or requirements call them as you may, that are placed before us from the heart of our heavenly Father who loves each one of us beyond measure. They come out of love, as a Father training up His children the way they should go and when he is old, he should not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Not unlike that of a true loving earthy Father, our heavenly Father wishes that all His children, you and I, to receive the greatest guidelines that will assist us into becoming who He, the creator has called and anointed each one of us to be. Just as our earthly Father teaches us not to run out into the street where there is traffic, for surely, we will be injured, our heavenly Father desires the same for each one of us. He wishes us not to be harmed. He wants us trained, equipped, for us to grow with and in Him. He wants to teach us so the He can be our foundation, so that we can be strong and knowledgeable, because of Him. That we can benefit from Him, His guidance. So not unlike any other relationship, there are expectations, rules and requirements. All lovingly put in place for each person to blossom and shine in the glory of our heavenly Father.

Which again, brings me back to the words of my Lord, to keep the seventh day holy. To set aside the ticking of time in this world and its demands and to settle in with Him. For it is but a moment in time, where we, who are created in the image of God and are recognized as the highest creature of His creation, get to stand at the side of our heavenly creator. A moment where we acknowledge on a more intimate, deeper level, that all breath, all strength, all of life comes from Him. That He alone is the source that created it all. A time where we together, as children of God, not only get to love and honor Him but a time where He too may bless us because we are focused on Him, not secular affairs. A time when we say our heart belongs to Him.

When our Father claimed that it was a day to be holy, a day of rest, it was an invitation to come and be with Him! To come into His presence, to rest, to worship and honor Him. To glorify His name and the name of His son Jesus. To set aside the distractions of this world, the pace of life that interferes with our relationship with Him and come to Him saying I am here God. It is the voice of our Father wanting, desiring, requesting of you to come, sit at His feet and allow Him to love you, to be with you.

Does God only want this relationship with you and I, only on the day He has deemed as holy? No. He desires to have that relationship with you every day of the week. Every minute and moment that you are awake or asleep. Whether you are at work or are still. God desires you continually. He loves to be with you, to hear you talk to and with Him. To laugh with you and yes, to wipe away the tears. He needs you to know there is none other who desires a relationship with you the way He does. That there is no other that He wants, more than you. Not just on the seventh day, but always and forever.

Won’t you come, and sit at His feet? He’s waiting just for you. Come just as you are. For He already knows and loves you exactly as you are this very moment. He doesn’t expect you to be perfect. He doesn’t expect you to have it all together. He doesn’t care! All He wants is a relationship with you. An opportunity where He can show you that you are His heart’s desire. That He is a loving Father who wants to take care of you, to be there for you. Step into His presence, for it is time, for He is calling YOU!


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